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There is one student, who I will never forget, that comes to my mind right now…

She was a first year student, just like me at the time, and we had all just walked out of a heavy Physics Lab examination. It was the end of the semester and a big chunk of our grades were riding on the outcome of the exam we had just completed. I wasn’t so sure how I did (and, normally, I left my exams feeling uncertain and worried – until I had my new system in place, that is). This poor girl was crying and she was embarrassed when I found her, but the tears still rolled down her cheeks. She was traumatized! I decided to help her and find out what was making her so upset and I found out that she had big dreams to become a doctor. She was under so much pressure to do well, especially in classes such as our Physics Lab (as Medical Schools grade heavily on these sorts of courses). What’s worse, her parents were both doctors and she wanted to carry on the family tradition of careers in medicine. Talk about pressure! I wish I could have given her the advice that I know today… I saw that girl around campus as the years went by. She eventually gave up on her dreams to go to Medical School and instead, she settled on a different, less competitive career path.

I know one thing for sure – this girl would have made a fabulous doctor! Were it not for a simple change in studying techniques, she would be a doctor today!